Safety First

Safety First in the Workplace

Substance abuse is one of the nation’s largest health problems, afflicting individuals, families and communities across the U.S. Although many stereotypes exist about alcoholics and drug addicts, in reality, substance abuse knows no boundaries, and people struggling with it come from all walks of life. Most are employed, and their behavior creates serious worksite safety concerns. Alcohol and drugs can impair a worker’s judgment and coordination, leading to an increased risk of occupational accidents and injuries. And no business—regardless of industry, size or location—is immune to the hazards alcohol and drug abuse can cause.  The good news is that employers and employees can improve safety and health in their workplaces by working together to implement a drug free workplace with the help of Trident National Corporation. 

Drug-Free Workplace

Drug-free workplace programs help improve workplace safety and health in organizations of all sizes and in all industries. They also play an important role in fostering safer and drug-free families, schools and communities across the U.S.Having a Drug Free Workplace Program in place is a workplace's best line of defense against alcohol and drug problems. However, since careful planning and consideration is required, a program cannot be put in place overnight. Your Trident representative can guide you for a smooth implementation and answer some of those tough questions.Generally, a comprehensive drug-free workplace program includes five components: 1. Drug Free Workplace Policy2. Supervisor Training3. Employee Education4. Drug Testing5. Medical Review of Non-Negative Test

Additional Facts to Consider

• 91% of Large Companies have DFWP

• 77% of Drug Users Work 

• Accidents – 3.6 Times More Likely

• Worker Comp – 5 Times More Likely for Claims

• Over 40% of Industrial fatalities/injuries are linked to substance abuse