Cost Effective


Employee Health- Medical Costs – 300% Higher

Substance abusers tend to neglect their nutrition, sleep and other health needs, and substance abuse depresses the immune system.


Safety- Up to 40% of Industrial fatalities / 47% of Industrial injuries linked to alcohol

Common effects of the use of alcohol and other drugs are impairments in vision, hearing, attention span, muscle coordination, alertness and mental acuity.


Productivity- 1in 5 workers report they have to work harder

Employees who abuse alcohol or use drugs can be physically and mentally impaired on the job. Substance abuse interferes with job satisfaction and the motivation to do a good job.



Decision Making-77% admit on the National Cocaine Hotline to using drugs on the job

Employees who use alcohol and/or drugs often make poor decisions and have a distorted perception of their ability.


Morale- Current users change jobs 3+ times a year

The presence of an employee with drug and/or alcohol problems places a strain on relationships between coworkers. Organizations that appear to condone drug use create the image that the organization does not care.


Security-25% admit stealing from the company

Employees with drug and/or alcohol problems often have financial difficulties, and employees using illegal drugs may conduct illegal activities in the workplace.


Organizational Image and Community Relations

Accidents, lawsuits and other incidents may receive media attention.


U.S. Department of Labor